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At Mount Studio, we provide Professional and Quality E-commerce Product Videos. Such videos allow your customers to have a better idea of your product and make an more informed decision before the purchase. Having product videos for your products, be it a fashion clothing or item increases the likelihood of customers buying your product.

Our videography service is especially suitable for online stores who wish to showcase products in a unique manner. Customers will have less questions about your product and that makes the transaction process quicker.

We charge based on Half Day and Full Day rates, and the number of video outputs per session. This is similar to Fashion Catalog Photography, but will be shot in video format instead. Our videographer will shoot along side our photographer, helping you to save your time and money since you need to only settle the logistics on the same day as photography, along with booking of your model(s) and make up artist.

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Benefits of E-Commerce Product Videos

  • Eliminates consumer doubt

Having product videos in your e-commerce business will allow customers to have a better idea of your product. This will help them make a more informed decision when browsing through your catalogue. Some may have doubts about the product being too big, or the material looking too cheap. Thus, having a video about the product can clear the consumers’ doubts in an instance, leading to a higher chance of purchase rather than them not purchasing anything due to uncertainty.

  • Quick and digestible

In this fast-paced world where people are constantly on the go, nobody has the patience to read a full page text, let alone shop at an e-commerce site that provides nothing but text. With product videos, customers can learn more information about the product that is easy to understand. Research has also shown that consumers prefer to watch a video about a product rather than read about it.

  • Builds trust

With product videos, consumers will have a 360-degree view of how the product looks like. This will give them an accurate representation of how the product will fit on a body, thus building trust in their decision making.

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