In an ever so competitive e-commerce landscape, exquisite images are needed to attract your customers. A complete product visualization will allow your potential customers to get a good feel of what your product looks like and be convinced to purchase from you. This will increase your sales greatly.

With Mount Studio’s 360 product photography services, your visuals will be able to speak for itself. Your customers can now view your product from a 360 view, and through different angles.

Why Engage Us?

Our sophisticated 360 degree product photography machine is the only machine in Singapore that has capabilities to achieve such 360 view and with multi angles. It is the only one of 3 machines located in the whole of Southeast Asia. You can be assured that the photos that we shoot for your product will stand out a hundred times more than your competitors.

Increase Your Sales & Showcase Your Product Well

Having the right kind of visuals can translate to higher sales and benefit a business greatly. We believe that the craft of our professional team can help create the visuals that you need. Fully equipped with professional gears along with a spacious and conducive area to work in, our photography & videography expertise will guarantee you top notch satisfaction.



  • Photo Studio
  • Professional Photographer
  • 360 Product Photography Machine
    • (Operated by Mount Studio’s trained photographers only)
  • Photo Retouching
  • Submission of Photos in High Res JPEGs via Dropbox within 7-10 Days



1 Angle of Elevation Per Product

  • 5 Products: $310/photo

2 Angles of Elevation Per Product

  • 5 Products: $450/photo

3 Angles of Elevation Per Product

  • 5 Products: $590/photo


Minimum of 5 Photos/Products

Contact us for a customised quote!

Kindly send us reference photos of your product. If product is large, provide us with the measurements.

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STUDIO CYCLO & ONE: Up to 12 Pax | STUDIO TWO: Up to 8 Pax

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