Birthday Photographer Singapore

Ever thought of immortalizing your birthday party into a photo so you could look at them back in the future? Well, glad that you’ve found us! Mount Studio specializes in all types of photography services especially photography for birthday parties of any age. We love birthdays too and we feel that birthdays are where your close family and friends come together to celebrate your big day.

You could be celebrating your baby's 1st birthday, your 18th or 21st birthday, or even for an elderly birthday. Age shouldn’t be a reason to stop you from celebrating the joy of reaching a new milestone in life. The bigger the party is the more fun it gets! Our aim is to provide you with the best quality photos so you could nicely frame and hang them on the wall, or even post on your social media and commemorate this special day with your internet friends! 

Birthday Photography Pricing

The price is probably a major factor in engaging your Birthday Photographer. At Mount Studio, we ensure the quality of our photos by providing only senior photographers who are highly experienced in the industry. We keep the pricing affordable as we understand that both quality and pricing is important in deciding on your birthday photography.

Here is our Birthday Photography Rate:

1 Hour: $190

2 Hours: $290

3 Hours: $390

4 Hours and above: $125/hour

Why Is Getting A Good Birthday Photographer Important?

1. Create An Infinite Amount Of Memories

What is a big day without capturing the beautiful moments of yourself and the guests who came? Our photographer helps you capture all these details and candid moments on your big day. It is always heartwarming to archive birthdays into photos which will then serve as an amazing memento to reminisce on. From cake cutting to entertaining the guests, we will make sure that these precious moments are being captured beautifully.

2. High-Quality Images

One of the main reasons to hire a photographer for your birthday is because you will get excellent photo quality. Our photographers at Mount Studio have all the equipment necessary to perfectly capture your big day. We do not only do great photos from the get-go but also produce the results, which gives you perfect and flawless photos. The photos we took using our professional equipment are of much higher quality than you would get with your smartphone or a basic point and shoot camera.

3. Our Photographers Know What To Look For

After many years of experience, our photographers here at Mount Studio know what are the best shots, how to pose people and most importantly how to get candid shots. If there are any particular shots that you have in mind, feel free to let our photographers know and they’ll be sure to capture them. You can trust us to get a wide range of photos for your event, from start to finish.

4. We Can Photograph Indoor, Outdoor or Both!

We understand that not all birthday parties are celebrated in the comfort of your home or indoor space. Thus, we are more than flexible to shoot at outdoor venues such as the beach, chalets, etc. Wherever your location is, we will make sure that it turns out to be Instagram worthy!

Let’s celebrate and bring to life the beautiful birthday moments with Mount Studio! Contact us to book our service now!


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