8 Tips to Prepare You for Your Family Photo Shoot

Let’s just say you have decided to do a family photo shoot with Mount Studio, what do you prepare prior to the shoot and how do you dress up accordingly?

Deciding on an outfit for a family photoshoot can be challenging and confusing as there are many elements that require thought processes. These are the images that you’ll cherish for years to come or even send out as holiday cards. You definitely can’t get your outfits wrong, but it can be a little bit overwhelming deciding on what to wear and how to make sure that everything is in place.

This post will cover tons of tips and information to help you with styling and also most importantly how to prepare in advance before a family photoshoot!

1. Arriving on time 

Get all family members involved to arrive 10-15 minutes early to settle down and relax before the shoot.


2. Make yourself look good!

Bring along necessities such as makeup to touch up. You can even opt for a professional makeup artist to be there to do up your hair and makeup. Mount Studio works closely with highly experienced makeup artists from the same industry. For further inquiries regarding our Hair and Make Up Service, do check with us!


3. Get hydrated and have a little bite!

Do not show up to the shoot on an empty stomach. It is always good to have a little snack before the shoot so as to make sure that everyone is cheerful and hydrated during the shoot itself. We offer complimentary coffee, tea and water at our studio!


4. Coordinate colors, not outfits

Coordinating colors are a lot easier than matching outfits. Not everyone has the same style and preference in terms of the outfit that they wear. By deciding on a color scheme, everyone in the family has the freedom to come up with whatever outfit they want to wear.

Coordinating with each other is better than matching as the photos taken would not turn out stagnant or dull. It is best to have a variety of outfit that has patterns as solid color outfit may turn out too monotonous. It is good to have a balance in the outfit where some of the family members can turn up wearing pattern outfit while the other in a solid color outfit.


5. Use of accessories

Accessories add life to your outfit and can be fun to use in photos. Feel free to pop on those favorite jewelry or even a classy watch of yours to add some interest to the images. Textures are also great in photos. The use of textures from scarves, hats or belts adds more to the image.


6. Use of props

We have families who turn up for our photoshoot bringing their own props such as their kid’s favorite toy or stuffed animal. Props like these add fun and color to the shoot. Kids tend to be more comfortable and at ease with their toys around.


7. Be creative!

You don’t always have to turn up in formal wear! If you’re into sports or any other kind of activities, bring along props or attire that matches with the activity that you do as a family! We would love to see you don your baseball or badminton attire during the shoot as it helps bring life to your photos.

You can bring as many outfits as you like as long as the shoot is kept within 60 minutes. It is always good to have a variety of choices in your clothing such as both formal and casual. There is definitely no restriction to what you have to wear to a family photoshoot. It all goes down to about having fun!


8. Lastly, be comfortable

All the tips given would be of no use if you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing! Being comfortable is important as a family photoshoot is supposed to be a relaxed and happy event. Wearing clothes that are comfortable will help you ease into the shoot without worrying about your heels hurting while in high heels.

If you’re more comfortable with wearing casual clothes over formal, go ahead! Choose clothing that gives you freedom of movement and won’t require constant maintenance throughout the shoot.

We hope that these tips could help you in better styling your outfit for your upcoming family shoot. At the end of the day, it is also important to choose outfits and color that compliments your family.

We want you to feel proud and happy upon receiving the photos. You can always purchase more photos on top of your family photography package.

If you have not booked your Family Photography Session with us, Contact Us now!

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