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Imagery is everything. How do you make your product stand our from hundreds of other products?  If you want your products to be noticed, having an eye catching photo is what you need to attract consumers. Same goes for advertising - you spend hundreds to thousand of dollars promoting your products and business through advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Wouldn’t you want to make sure your product stand out from the rest?

Forget the catchy phrases and bold text that were deemed mandatory in the success of every marketing visuals - Things have evolved, expectations have increased. Pictures are everywhere. You could choose to be either swallowed up by the competition or stand out from the rest.

How do you make sure your product image doesn’t get swamped by the rest of the other mediocre images out there?

That is when Commercial Photography comes in.

Commercial Photography Portfolio

MOH I Feel Young Campaign - Mrt Platform Doors, Bus, Newspaper Ads

Goldheart Chinese New Year Campaign - Store Print & Brochure Ads

dENiZEN Jeans Campaign - Shopping Mall & Print Ads

JCube - Magazine & Shopping Mall Ads

Costa Cruise - Lifestyle Photo Shoot on Board Cruise

Studio - Beauty Photography

Mount Studio provides Commercial Photography services that can be held indoors in a Studio environment or onsite at customer's warehouse or office as well as outdoors.

With the craft of our professional team, we will help you produce images that not only catch the eye of your target audience, but will also bring your audience on an emotional journey through

Past clientele shown in our portfolio includes JCube, Bossini, Expressions, Veredus Labs, Hypertherm, Pazzion and Super Mama.

Lifestyle Photography - Outdoors

Benefits of Commercial Photography for your Business

  • Gives a clear representation of business 

The kind of image you put out will define your business, especially to someone who has never heard or is new to your line of products. The saying “first impression counts” has never been more apt in this context. Having the right set of visuals will help your audience understand your business and goals. It could also connect them emotionally - like how Kate Spade encourages women to be courages through the product’s vivid colors. This has drawn many women to shop at Kate Spade till this day.

  • Professionalism 

Imagine a poorly shot visual compared to one that was taken professionally - which would people give more trust and attention to? A well craft visual will give confidence in your customers and potentially lead to a purchase. So while it is easier to take a photo on your phone, you must remember that a professional photo will help increase your profits.

  • Effective Visual Communication

Visual communication is one thing, but effective visual communication is another. Anyone can create a mediocre photo and send it out to the media, but having the right visual can enhance consumer buying in many aspects. The idea of commercial photography is to show the potential of the product, not the existence of it.

Product Photography

End-User Photography

Interior Photography


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