Corporate Photoshoot Singapore

Corporate photoshoot is a service used by both small and large companies to promote their corporate brand and set the visual tone for their company identity. The most common types of photos that are taken are corporate headshots, a group photo of company staff as well as lifestyle shots in the office. These photos will mainly be used for the company’s personal website. 

Our studio is well equipped with everything you need for your corporate shot and we also bring our studio to you! Having been in the studio photography industry for many years, our professional team can help you get the job done with modern soft and good lighting. With us, you will be assured impactful, high quality photographs.

Types of Corporate Portrait Photos

1. On-Location Corporate Portrait

To avoid the hassle, certain clients prefer us to come over to their office and shoot as they may have a large number of employees. Corporate headshot held at client's office may be suitable to showcase the office interior and how the employees work. This includes some lifestyle shots to show the friendliness and casualness of the office environment.

Corporate Group Photo (On-Location)

Why Engage Us For Your Corporate Photoshoot?

The photos taken sets a standard for your company and the quality of services offered. It sells your brand and professionally taken photos helps showcase the quality of services or products offered by your company. Listed are the reasons why you should opt for our service!

  • Experienced photographers

Our photographers at Mount Studio are well experienced and have shot for multiple companies for their corporate headshot.

  • We are mobile and can bring our studio to you 

We are mobile and are able to travel to your own convenience. On-location shoot is very much possible as we have clients contacting us to do the shoot at their office space. An example of shots taken at your preferred office would be with a studio background or with your office as the background. You could also act out a lifestyle shot such as pretending to be in a meeting or showing off the office interior. These are the type of shots that helps bring up the image of your company.

  • Fully equipped photo studio at Bishan

Apart from on-location, our studio space is also open for your corporate shoot needs. Our studio is fully equipped with the equipment needed for the shoot and consists of 3 operational studios, with Studio CYCLO being the largest of them all.

  • We are versatile and shoot corporate outdoor photoshoot too

Lastly, we have clients who prefer shooting outdoor rather than in studio space and on-location at the office. Outdoor location shoot may be suitable for a larger group especially group shots. It is usually shot in public spaces. 

What are you waiting for? Drop us an email and book your corporate photoshoot session with Mount Studio now!

2.  Outdoor Corporate Portrait

Outdoor portrait gives off a more friendly and casual feel to the photo. It is good to brand yourselves or your company out to the public without portraying a not so serious image. This kind of shots will help in making the brand or the invidual approachable and easy to work with. It is highly suitable for job sites such as Linkedln or even job search.

3. Studio Corporate Portrait

Studio corporate portrait is mainly shot at our photography studio at Bishan. Our studio is fully equipped with all the necessary lighting equipments which will benefit the shoot. Studio corporate portrait is suitable for when a client would want to have a serious and formal headshot taken with their preferred background choice.

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