Love is a beautiful journey, and every couple’s story is unique. Celebrate your special bond with our couple photography services that are designed to capture the essence of your relationship in timeless images. From enchanting outdoor escapades to intimate indoor settings, our skilled photographers are experts in preserving the love, joy, and emotions shared between you and your partner.


Couple photography allows you to freeze the intimate moments and emotions you share with your partner, creating a treasure trove of memories that will last a lifetime.


Unlike family photography where it focuses more on family bonding, couple photography gives off a totally different vibe than that of family portraits. Bring along your other half for a romantic couple photoshoot. These casual couple photoshoot could be meant for celebrating anniversaries, month-saries or simply to capture your intimate moments and have them immortalized in photographs. 

When you do a shoot outdoors, there are unlimited background options and a lot to choose from. You can go from calm blue water at the beach or skyscrapers of buildings. An advantage of shooting outdoor would be the natural light sources and it is much easier to locate a perfect spot for the shoot. There is also freedom in choosing the best places that represent you as a couple.

For example, the location of your first date or the place that you proposed. Need ideas on places to shoot? Don’t sweat as our carefully curated blog post on Photography Places in Singapore has all the information you need!



  • Professional Photography at your Preferred Location in Singapore

    Photo Editing of all Best Photos
    (Brightness, Contrast, Saturation & Colour)
    Estimated 30 to 60 Edited Photos Per Hour of Shoot

    Submission in High Resolution JPEGs via Dropbox within 7 to 10 business days (excluding weekends and PH)

    1 Hour: $280
    2 Hours: $430
    Additional Hour: $150/hr

    Transport: $30-$50 for locations far from MRT
    Public Holiday Surcharge (if applicable): $100

    Shoot Types include Family, Friends, Couple, Solo (does not include Bridal)
    Usage fee for commercial purposes not included

    *For outdoor shoots with natural lighting, do expect changes in the lighting of the photos as it is dependent on the lighting at the point of the shoot


$2501 Look
$2501 Look
  • RECOMMENDED (Optional)

    1x Hair & Make Up Artist, up to 1 hour
    Includes 1 Look

    $250 Per Pax

    For Bridal, contact us for a quote

    Transport: $30-$50 for locations far from MRT


For couples who prefer a more formal and basic photoshoot setup, Mount Studio is the perfect place to do so.

We are fully equipped with professional lighting equipment for all types of photography. Feel free to bring along any props or clothing that best represent you as a couple.


  • Photo Studio Usage, 60 mins
    Professional Photographer, 60 mins
    Selection of Best Photos

    Professional Photo Retouching
    (Hair and Skin Retouching to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, eye bags, dark circles and oil)
    Choice of 1 Backdrop
    Submission of all Photos in Low Resolution JPEG (~2R size) for your Selection and Keepsake
    Submission of Retouched Photos in High Resolution JPEG via Dropbox within 7 to 10 business days (excluding weekends and PH) after Selection

    8 Photos: $480
    Additional Retouched Photos: $50/photo
    Additional Backdrop Choice: $30/backdrop
    Above 2 Revisions of Photo Retouching: $15/photo
    Expedited Photo Retouching (2-3 days after selection): $35/photo

    Public Holiday Surcharge (if applicable): $100


$2501 Look
$2501 Look
  • RECOMMENDED (Optional)

    1x Hair & Make Up Artist, up to 1 hour
    Includes 1 Look

    $250 Per Pax

    For Bridal styles, contact us for a quote


Mount Studio translates all of these experiences – the long term ‘love’ experience, along with being behind and in front of the camera for all these significant moments in our own lives, and the lives of the people we photograph, into something concrete, meaningful and actionable for you.

Your relationship is one of a kind, and your couple’s photo shoot should reflect that. We work closely with you to understand your preferences, interests, and love story to create personalized and meaningful concepts that truly represent your journey.

Our team comprises experienced photographers with a passion for love stories. They have an eye for detail and a knack for creating visually stunning images that beautifully narrate your tale of love.

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End Your Search for a Couple Photographer at Mount Studio today.

Whether you prefer the romance of an outdoor setting or the coziness of an indoor shoot, our couple photography services are tailored to create timeless memories that will forever remind you of your love's journey. Contact us now to embark on a personalized and heartwarming couple's photo shoot.



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