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In the world of E-Commerce, there always has to be a smart and proper strategy towards selling your products. One way you can attract audiences is through a set of exquisite images. Selling products online requires product visualization so that your customers can get a clean and clear feel of what the product looks like. This can translate to an increase in sales and business revenues.

There may be no rules in business, but one things for sure - to stand out, your visuals have to be able to speak for itself.

Exclusive Catalog Photography Package with Basic Models

Looking for a one-stop solution? We have partnered with Basic Models to come up with an Online Boutique Package (with Catalog Photography) that will save your time and money in planning for your photo shoot!


  • 3 Hours Photo Studio Usage
  • 3 Hours Model
  • 3 Hours Professional Photographer (Us!)
  • Hair & Make Up Artist (1 Look, up to 1 Hour service only)
  • Selection of up to 120 Edited Photos in High Resolution JPEG via Dropbox Download Link (additional photos available upon request with a top up)
  • Online Media Usage of Photos for 12 Months, in Singapore only (additional usage of photos available with a top up, such as photo prints to place at physical stores and other countries)


All the above + Model from Development Board - $900

All the above + Model from Main Board - $1,000

Based on past experience, for a photo shoot of 3 hours (first hour for Hair & Make Up), we can complete estimated 15 to 25 SKUs depending on the type of clothing that you have.

For photo shoots more than 3 hours, do contact us for a separate quote.

Your Model Options (Development Board, Select 1 Model)

Your Model Options (Main Board, Select 1 Model )

*Pls take note that the above images of "Model Options" were not shot by Mount Studio. 🙂

This photo style is suitable for e-commerce businesses where models and talents pose in your clothings and you have many SKUs to shoot. We are able to photograph in off-white (slightly grey) and 11 other colours that are available to suit the style of your online store. Prefer minimal shadows? No problem! Our professional photographer is able to adjust the lighting to reduce the shadows, and even darken the shadows depending on your preference.

We also shoot E-commerce Product Photography such as bags, shoes, accessories and still products.

Our E-commerce Catalog Photography is here for your viewing pleasure.

Fashion Model Catalog Photography

Why Choose us for your E-Commerce Shots

  • We have proper backgrounds

The background for an e-commerce image should be uniform, clean and smooth. This will help customers view a product well, instead of confusing and turning them off with wrinkly, distracting backgrounds. Our studio has over 12 different coloured backdrop for you to choose from: ranging from White, Baby blue, Deep Yellow, Slate Grey, Rustic Red and many more!

  • Proper lighting effects 

While performing e-commerce photography, the most important factor to consider is lighting effects. With proper light effects, you can set the right mood of how you want to showcase your products depending on your style of business. poor and dull images will irritate the audience and it may not reflect nicely on your products as well. Thus, we will help you make sure that your products are shot with proper lighting effects.

Different Background Choices

Swimwear & Beachwear Catalog Photography

Sportswear Catalog Photography

Kids Catalog Photography


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