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Have you ever came across a mouth-watering image of food and felt like devouring it? Just like how an appealing food image would entice people to restaurants, fashion photograph can do just the same to individuals.

Let’s be real - we’ve all come across an outfit that looked stunning on a model and wished we could look exactly like her. In fact, we’ve bought the outfit in hopes that it would fit us just like it did with the model.  It could be the colour of the jacket that attracted us or the luscious fur on the skirt that made us wish we could stroke it. This is what good fashion photography can do. It can entice potential customers to purchase outfits from your catalogue.

Shot wholly by our Co-Founder, Lyn Averson, our fashion photography is here for your viewing pleasure. Fashion shoots can be shot both outdoors and indoors depending on requirements.

Fashion Photography Portfolio

Studio Photography - Fashion Campaign

Why Invest in Professional Fashion Photography?

It’s easy to ask your good friends to stand in front of a white wall and take a few pics of them modelling your line of clothings. Good quality photography can be expensive.  But wouldn’t you want a stunning catalogue to showoff the fashion line you took years to perfect? In fact, consumers in this digital age come across photographs first before going to stores to look at the real thing. Thus, first impression is crucial in this aspect and is essential to have a good deck of visuals to support your brand of clothes.

Professional fashion photography also helps create the brand’s story.

Outdoor Photography - Fashion Campaign

Outdoor Kids Photography - Fashion Campaign

Studio Photography - Fashion Portraits

We’ll Help You Get the Job Done

Being able to shoot a gorgeous image simply isn't sufficient. Our co-founder and multi award-winning fashion photographer Lyn Averson, understands how lighting can affect the image of a brand and knows how to craft images that will fit within the industry expectations of the genre they are shooting while retaining a creative flare.

The goal for us is to help you create something unique that will arrest the eye and stick in the mind of the viewer, creating an identity that becomes attached to your product and, subsequently, your brand.

Do continue to browse through more of our work down below.

Studio Photography - Ecommerce Model Catalog

Studio Photography - Ecommerce Kids Catalog

Outdoor Fashion Photography - Beach

Outdoor Fashion Photography - Scenery

Outdoor Fashion Photography - Urban

Outdoor Catalog Photography


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