These filming locations suggested by Mount Studio will definitely help you in choosing a location for your photography and videography needs. Get comprehensive insight into the places that could possibly be the perfect one to tie your production together. If you’re a photography or videography buff, you should know that these places are attractive ad useful in their own ways. 

Finding a good filming location is trivial especially when you have the desired image or setting listed down. The places you’re looking for might be the one that best fits the vibe for your final product. Listed below are the locations that Mount Studio have looked into for your photography and videography needs!


What is a photography or videography shoot without some indoor shots right? Mount Studio was established in 2017 and is now an all-rounder location with 3 types of studio for your photography or videography needs. Fully equipped with necessary lightings, amenities, and props, Mount Studio will never let you down as everything is ready for your use. 

With easy access to a variety of backdrop colors of your choice, to lighting equipment, it allows you to be creative with your setup and let your imaginations run wild. Our studio is able to give off the ‘homey’ vibe as we have different amenities such as sofas, dressing tables, and dinner tables. Perfect for a home setting. 

Our studio consists of 3 working studios named Studio TWO, Studio ONE, and Studio CYCLO respectively. These 3 studios cater to different number of pax and the amenities vary. Both small scale and large scale production is welcomed here at our studio. Head down to this page for more information on our rates and the equipment that we provide!


HDB/Condo apartments allow you to be comfortable shooting at a home-like setting. These locations could also bring out the best in a photo or video. Even though it may seem simple, it still could bring out the sophisticated and classy vibe to it.

Despite it being a housing estate, this location will certainly give off a ‘homey’ vibe to it. As it is a ‘homey’ space, spaces such as the living room, kitchen, balcony could be used to for different lifestyle looking shoots. These spaces best describe the ‘homey’ vibe you are looking for. Look no further as the location you are looking for might just be infront of you. Of course, equipments are not provided hence you have to bring along any necessary equipments with you!


If you’re looking for a location with a classy and fancy vibe to it. This location is definitely the ideal place. Surrounded by a classy bar and fully equipped with tables and chairs, this location is definitely the go-to place for filmmakers. 

Cafe environment helps bring out the mood of the photo. This location is suitable for catalog, fashion, commercial, or even corporate shoots. 


the arcade is a location where you can just be free to express yourselves and your work. With many creatives areas and spots for filming, it is definitely an urban and creative area for not only photography but videography shoots. the arcade brings out the best in colors as the bright colors are able to bring a pop in colors to your shoot.  

If you’re looking for a more urban, retro and street style place, then this location might be for you. 


Looking for a location to shoot a music video or any music-related projects? A music studio might be suitable for your photography or videography needs as it has all the proper music equipment for you to use. 

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