Flat Lay Photography Singapore

Let your ideas run wild and make your product come to life. Flat lay photography is a versatile sub-genre of still life. With dozens of tiny items placed in an unorganised manner, it could still bring out the simplicity when objects are placed in a well-thought layout.

Why Choose Flatlay Photography?

  • It is more professional

Flatlay photography allows you to focus the attention on the product that’s being shot. It will bring out the details and features that you would like your target audience to lay their eyes on.

It is a more professional way of capturing products and being able to tease potential customers, gaining their interest and inviting them to take a closer look at the product. Flatlay photography is suitable for any type of product. From clothing to cosmetics to footwear, we’ll do our best to provide you with the best service!

Flatlay Photography Portfolio

Where can the Photos be Used?

  • Social Media

Flatlay photos can be used in a variety of ways and at different places. If you’re an e-commerce company and have already established your own website, the photos taken can be used for page headers. It helps to gain public attention and show what the website is all about. Social media platforms such as Instagram is also another place for you to showcase the simplicity of your product. Hence, will entice potential customers to your e-commerce website.

  • Display

Other than using them for social media purposes, flatlay photos can also be printed and used as a banner display for commercial use. You are free to use the photos and promote them in different types of formats.

When is a Good Time to take Flat Lay Photos?

If you’re in need of marketing materials or content for your social media or website, we are here for you! We will deliver the photos for you to the best of our abilities, just in time for you to promote your products on your website.

Here is our Photography Service Process


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