Gaffer Singapore

Need help with the lighting plan for your shoot? Look no further as Mount Studio is here to offer you this service!

Our gaffer is responsible for the execution of the lighting plan for a production or shoot. Mount Studio's experienced team of gaffers and grips are able to do varied styles according to your moodboard or references, to fit your video shoot. We are highly experienced in Corporate, Commercial and Fashion.

Speak to Us About Your Lighting Requirements

We are priced competitively and we will execute the lighting style according to your requirements. Reach out to us too if you require a grip for your video shoot.

We have listed down our past projects with the clients that we've worked closely before.



Lighting plays an important part in videos that sells, and we only provide you with the best services. Our gaffers are from the industry with years of experience. Listed are the reasons why you should opt for our gaffer service.


1. Understanding Light

Mount Studio's gaffers have the eye and techniques required to achieve a certain kind of lighting for different set up.


2. Communication

Able to draw up lighting plans and explain to crews even when making quick decisions under pressure.


3. Working at heights

Certain light plan requires the light to be placed at a high level or above head height. Our gaffers will then come in to assist by climbing any heigh elements such as ladders to place the lights at the designated areas.


Questions? We will love to hear from you!


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