In need of live streaming services for your upcoming conference, corporate webinar, panel discussions or workshops? End your search as Mount Studio is here to save you from all the hassle! Mount Studio offers a wide variety of photography and videography services which also includes live streaming services on top of our Video Studio Rental.


Live streaming services works in a way where it can be recorded and streamed simultaneously in real-time. You will be able to get real-time engagements from your audiences or consumers via a chatroom that is available on streaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Demio and many more. Live streaming is made easy for consumers who are unable to attend scheduled events or to assist in social distancing measures where guests need not be present physically to participate. Stream your content live for your devoted audiences to watch anywhere on a greater scale!


Our studio space is versatile and is able to meet your live streaming needs. You can opt for a green screen set up or minimal furniture setting. Mount Studio has 3 studio options, each with different size for your live streaming needs. You can check out our studios here!   

Our studio offers free WIFI and LAN option to aid in your live stream. LAN cable connected directly to our router will allow your live streaming to have a stable connection. 

We aim to offer our clients the best service and product quality. Our crew is well equipped and experienced in handling live streaming broadcast. We have the technology, equipment and manpower to deliver your needs and requests regarding your live stream. We are able to bring innovative ideas to your table that gives your event a polished and professional look such as assisting in setting up the filming space with furniture provided in the studio. Don’t be hesitant to give feedback or ideas along the way as at the end of the day, your final product matters!


Live streaming allows you to invite as many people as you like to ‘attend’ your event virtually anywhere. Live streaming content is easily accessible to whom you wouldn’t reach otherwise. This service allows you to reach anyone in the world as geographical or size constraints are no longer limited! 

Live-streaming is making a dent in content marketing mainly because it has the ability to offer real-time user engagement. For instance, the blog post you just read may be the work of the past. With live-streaming, it gives an opportunity for businesses to offer live support or even Q&A sessions.

Although live-streaming can sound a little bit complex, it does not necessarily mean that you have to solely stick to live video and audio streaming. As fellow creatives, you have the flexibility to transform your ideas and use a variety of forms of content and multimedia that includes pictures, text, and live chat. 

Live videos can be easily transformed into other forms of content such as reproducing your video on youtube or publishing them on your company’s main site. Either way, it is already an extension of video marketing. Video marketing has now become interactive through live-streaming. You should be taking advantage of it as it opens up an entirely new world of interactivity. You’re able to promote your business to future consumers through this.  What are you waiting for? Drop an email to discuss your creative ideas with us now!

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