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If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much more it’s worth when converted to dollars and cents.

Run a business and require photos for your e-commerce store or product listing update? Mount Studio produce product photos that helps improve your e-commerce sales!


Product Catalog Photography

Elevate your e-commerce with multi-angle precision. Capture the essence of your products with our specialized product catalog photography services. Designed specifically for e-commerce businesses, we showcase your items against a clean white background, highlighting every detail and angle for maximum impact.

Our expert photographers meticulously craft images that transform your products into irresistible offerings, ensuring they appeal to your target audience. Whether you’re selling food, fashion, everyday essentials, or unique creations, our catalog photography will elevate your online presence and drive sales.

Flatlay Photography

Elevate your brand with creative storytelling. Unleash your brand’s personality through the art of flatlay product photography. This captivating style transforms everyday items into visual narratives, showcasing your products in curated compositions that tell your story. Whether you’re aiming for organized minimalism or playful chaos, our flatlay expertise will capture the essence of your brand.

Flatlays are styled shoots bursting with creativity which is your ticket to eye-catching marketing, social media engagement, and impactful website banners. With soft, bright lighting and a focus on product details, our flatlay photography will leave a lasting impression, attracting potential customers and driving sales.

Ghost Mannequin Photography

Showcase your clothing in a lifelike, 3D View. Revolutionize your online apparel sales with ghost mannequin photography. This innovative technique removes the mannequin or model from your product photos, leaving behind a lifelike, three-dimensional representation of your clothing as if it were being worn.

By showcasing the inner linings and subtle details often hidden in traditional photos, ghost mannequin photography helps customers visualize how your garments will look and fit on them, boosting their confidence and increasing the likelihood of purchase. Elevate your product images beyond flatlays and give your customers a more immersive shopping experience.



We Live In A Visual World

A customer walks into a store because they like what they see on the poster. Likewise, when customers land on your store page, their attention gravitates to your images first. If they see what they like, they keep on browsing and, hopefully, make a purchase. That is why product photography is essential to the success of any sort of sales.

Connects The Customers To The Product
Quality product photography should be able to replace the customers’ five senses. Close-ups, underneath, from the inside, bird’s eye and much more – the more detailed options presented to your potential customer, the more they understand the value of the product. A beautiful set of photographs might just be able to cover every aspect of the product.
Win Customer’s Trust
Multiple product shots show customers each angle of the product. Once they have seen it all, they will be confident of what they are purchasing and would make the purchase
Gather A Spot In The People's Mind
Pictures are more memorable than mere words and descriptions. Having photographs of your products allows customers to save it for future references or share it with others.


One of the best ways to photograph apparel is through the use of mannequins. It allows retailers to showcase the distinctive and formfitting shape of their outfits. As it is not always visually appealing to have the mannequin seen in each image, they are usually removed in post production as it helps put focus on the garmentswhile holding its shape. We offer Ghost Mannequin rental that you can use for your invisible mannequin photography shoot.


Our Adult Ghost Mannequins (1 Male & 1 Female) are available for rental, if you rent our studio for your shoot.

They are also known as the invisible mannequin because their neck, chest area, arm and hand can be removed easily. This means that it will work well with clothing that are sleeveless and with low neck line or v-neck cutting.

PRICE (Per Booking)

$60 for 1 Ghost Mannequin (Male or Female)

$100 for both Male & Female


Female: Bust: 31.5″, Waist 25″, Hips 32″ (+/- 0.5 inches)

Male: Chest: 39″, Waist 30″, Hips 39″ (+/- 0.5 inches)



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