Mount Studio’s professional photographers provide a wide variety of services such as e-commerce, commercial, family, corporate, product, interior, pet and more. Photography has an impact on emotions, values, beliefs, and sometimes faith. The photographers at Mount Studio aims to capture and deliver the beauty inside of the photos to our clients.


If you are launching an e-commerce store, photos are one of the most impactful sales tools. A good e-commerce photo attracts the right customers, tells a story, and lifts the overall quality of a store. The use of great pictures is paramount in selling a product. Your photos can be contributed positively to visual marketing, your company’s personal brand, and business growth. Mount Studio has also shot for clients such as Island Shop, M’phosis, and many more!

Photographs play an important role in everybody’s life as they connect us to our past, remind us of people whom we may have forgotten, places, feelings and also stories. With the help of Mount Studio’s family photography service, we would like to rekindle that spark as you look back at the photos in the near future.

Our studio photography package does not require you to think about where to shoot, as Mount Studio is fully equipped with 3 studios alongside the necessary equipment for a family shoot. All you have to do is prepare your favorite set of clothes, props to add a little bit more fun and last but not least, a big wide smile! 

Corporate photography is used by both small to large companies to promote their corporate brand and set the visual tone for their company identity. The most common types of photos that are taken are mainly corporate headshots and a group photo of company staff. These photos are usually used in the company’s website.

We are mobile and are able to travel to your own convenience. On-location shoot is very much possible as we have clients contacting us to do the shoot at their office space. An example of shots taken at your preferred office would be with a studio background or with your office as the background. You could also act out a lifestyle shot such as pretending to be in a meeting or showing off the office interior. These are the type of shots that helps bring up the image of your company.

Apart from on-location, our studio space is also open for your corporate shoot needs. Our studio is fully equipped with the equipment needed for the shoot and consists of 3 operational studios, with studio cyclo being the largest of them all. For more information on our studios, do head down to our studio page! 

Mount Studio offers portrait photography for both individuals and groups. Portrait photos are very versatile and can be used for your own personal use such as for portfolio, ID card, passport and social media.

Product photography is a type of photography used to represent a product. The photos can be applied to catalogs, brochures, posters to be used for advertising. Product photography helps you connect with your consumers about your product through professional photography. Consumers could get a better look at the aesthetics of the subject via e-commerce sites or online shops! 

Interior Photography is a type of photography where it focuses on shooting architectural design and spaces, whether it’s in a house or a commercial environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of their subject. Photographing interior helps bring out their beauty in the best way.

It is often used by people to enhance the presentation and look of the design and decor of a structure from inside from a sales point of view. These photos are often published or displayed in magazines, social media, or even journals.  These photos could be useful for marketing use, portfolio for inspiring designers, or even for property agents to help sell their listing quicker!

You may have had a puppy or a kitten once, but you barely remember them because they grow up so fast! The beautiful pictures of them sleeping, playing, yet keeping all the details and softness. They will grow up so fast and sooner or later they’ll be as big as you can ever imagine. You’ll want to capture these moments so that you’ll be able to remember and reminisce when your buddy becomes an adult and eventually a senior! The sooner you immortalize it in photography, the better! 


Photography itself plays an important role in our everyday life. Most of us preserve the important events and people in our lives. The ceremonies of birthdays, marriages, and anniversaries are all recorded because they matter. Photographs are our own personal story, a timeline of our lives filled with faces and places that we love. Our aim here at Mount Studio is for our professional photographers to immortalize these photos for your needs such as for marketing, as a memento, corporate headshot use and many more.

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