Still Life Photography Singapore

If you're a user of the popular photo sharing app Instagram, you have probably seen countless pictures of people's meals. From influencers to ordinary users - when it comes to updating our social media in this digital age, most of us have perfected the craft of capturing the perfect photo.

So how do you ensure your product stands out from the crowd and captures the attention of people despite the flood of photos? This is where still life comes in.

Still life photography helps showcase an object in its most beautiful form. It usually involves objects like food, furnitures, products and many more.

Breathtaking Still Life Photographs

Here’s what you need to achieve still life photographs:

  • Plain backdrops

To make your product stand out in your shot, a plain background will help you tremendously. A classic choice would be the White, but it’s easy to underexpose an image on a white background. This is why we have over 12 different coloured backdrops to offer - yellow, red, blue, black, grey and many more!

  • The perfect lighting

Lighting is critical for capturing the perfect still life photo. For example, soft diffused lighting tends to be more flattering than harsh sunlight for most still life photography. Experiment around with the different lights we have in our studios to see which suits your style better!

  • Equipment 

You need to have a tripod to keep your photos sharp. Here at mount studio we offer many different equipments to offer. We have everything you need to get the perfect shot!

We Will Help You Get The Job Done

Still life photography is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of photography, and our team of experts know how to get the perfect shot you need. Contact us for more details!


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