Videography plays an important role in telling a story and media publishing. Video helps to capture a wide audience. It is also another form of communication to convey any information the way you want it. There are no boundaries to what a video can be as long as it is able to captivate the targetted audience. We are made up of a team of producers, director of photography, cinematographers and editors that are able to service both private and corporate clients.


Videography is a form of media communication used to enhance any marketing, publishing or broadcast. It is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools in the industry which is done to promote products, business or events. Do you have enough resources to create and use video content in your marketing? Fret not, Mount Studio is able to help you in deciding whether it’s worth the try with the different types of videography services we offer! Here are some of our Videography works!


A product video helps in explaining and visually exhibit a product’s physical benefits. Most product videos tend to emphasize a product’s unique features, but one crucial thing that truly differentiates a good product video is its ability to exhibit how it solves the problem. For example, if you happen to launch a blender product and market it, the main concern that consumers would want to find out would be, does it blend well? Capturing the motion of it blending through a video will capture the viewer’s attention and lead them to trusting your product more, which translates into higher chance of a sale.

Corporate videos are mostly used to promote and raise awareness of a company’s brand as a whole. They also can be served for many different purposes such as training videos, instructional or even safety videos for employees. Mount Studio provides corporate video services for your company event launch, conference videos, or even training videos. These videos will help to build your brand awareness and also gives off a professional feel. Professional looking videos will give off your company a good impression to the public. 

Interview videography is a type of service where an interview segment will be recorded and published for company use. This is mainly suitable for company conferences where large screens would be available to showcase the interview segment. Similar to an ask and answer segment, this service would definitely benefit companies who would like to share more about what their company does during a launch or conference itself. It will build brand awareness to future consumers for your company.

Apart from setting milestones with pictures, our event videography service would definitely contribute to capturing your important moments or events! Events such as dinner and dance, graduations, birthday parties, competitions, or even corporate events are just as important to capture them in video form. All these videos will help in promoting via various social media platforms available. Event videos turn out to be more engaging than still images as it shows the interaction between people and it is a good way to market as we live in a world where social media is our strongest platform of communication. 

We provide live-feed videography services for any kind of event, be it event launch, performances, or even sports event. Live-feed videography is suitable for events with a big audience. It is useful for the audience seated at the back to allow them to see what is happening clearly in the front. Everything will be recorded live for projection into the large front or rear screens. 

If you are in need of a videographer to film a lengthy and full recording of your seminar, panel discussions or talk, you have found the right one! Mount Studio is able to cater to all sorts of videography services including full-length video recording as we would like you to immortalize these videos for your reference in the future. 



Our videographers at Mount Studio are highly experienced and professional. We are always equipped with professional gears for your special event. You no longer have to worry about the quality of the videos as we are recognised for having substance and quality to our final product.

If you are hiring us for your corporate video, party or any other events, you will surely want your video to look like they are telling a story. Viewers watching the video would want to feel the emotion and compassion given out during the event itself. When you look back at it, you will want to feel a sense of remembrance, creating momentum.

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