Corporate Headshot Singapore

Mount Studio captues professional looking Corporate Headshot that makes you stand out from the rest.

Our Photo Studio is located within walking distance from Marymount MRT on the circle line, and our photo studio is also near to Bishan MRT, making it easy to access from all parts of Singapore.

We Take Great Looking Portraits

Having been in the studio photography industry for the past few years and improving our skills continuously, we know how to take professional looking corporate portraits coupled with modern soft and good lighting.  You can be assured of quality photographs when you engage Mount Studio.

Our service is suitable for individuals looking to have a refreshed profile picture, be it for LinkedIn, Resume or Website updates, as well as companies who require updated photos of staff in the department or even the entire company.

Why Is Getting A Good Corporate Headshot Important?

Having a corporate portrait that stands out is as good as giving your business a professional image. Your photo adds a face to your name for that personal touch, and it helps valuable customers and clients connect better with you.

A well done corporate headshot is also just as important as the resume that you are about to send. First impression counts and your CV along with your corporate headshot photo would be just that.

On the other end of the spectrum, a poorly taken photograph does not reflect well on yourself or your business's image.

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Corporate Headshot Rate

Includes the following:

  • Professional Photography Services (at Mount Studio location)
  • Photo Retouching of Selected Photos (Up to 3 Final Images per Pax)
  • Up to 1 Hour Photo Shoot Session
1 Pax: $250
2 Pax: $300
3 Pax: $350
4 Pax: $400
5 Pax: $450
6 Pax: $500
For photography at your office or place of convenience, do contact us for a customised quote.

Makeup Artist Price (optional add on)

Includes the following:

  • Hair Styling for a neat look
  • Make Up

$140 Per Pax

How To Pose For a Corporate Headshot Portrait?

It’s all about the body language.

Body language is hugely significant in business portraits

After all, when a prospect sees your business portrait online, they will make assumptions based on what’s in front of them. And that includes reading details into your body language. What’s that conveying? At the end of the day, the goal of a business portrait is to make you look friendly and approachable. Is your business portrait doing that?

Here are some of the body language factors you need to take into consideration when planning your business portrait session.

  1. Should you smile with your mouth open – or with your mouth closed?
    In most instances, it’s more appropriate to smile with your mouth open: after all, you’re putting your photo on your website to give your company a human face. And as you want people to contact you, it’s appropriate to look friendly and approachable.
  2. Should you have your arms crossed or uncrossed?
  3. Jacket on or jacket off?


  • Cross your arms very loosely, to portray a look of confidence and strength
  • Alternatively, place one hand over the other
  • Lift your arms just slightly from your torso so that it does not look larger than it actually is
  • Add a slight tilt to your hip
  • Drop your shoulder closest to the camera (This will help to soften up a harsh-feeling pose and avoid giving a severe and cold feel)
  • Turn your shoulders slightly too for a slimmer profile look in the camera
  • Bring your chin down slightly, and forward


  • Cross your arms firmly to portray a confident and strong look.
  • Alternatively, interlock your fingers or simply place one hand over the other
  • Drop your shoulder closest to the camera to soft a harsh-feeling pose
  • Turn your shoulders slightly too for a slimmer profile look in the camera
  • Bring your chin down slightly, and forward


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